New Item Listed: Mug Warmers

I just finished making several of these cute little mug warmers this past week, and am so excited to share them with you! They are super soft and stretchy, so they will fit most mugs and travel cups. Not only do they make your cup or mug look cozy, they also help keep your drink warm. Plus, don't you think that a hot cup of coffee would taste better with a cute little warmer on it?

These can be purchased from my Etsy shop in any color or size that you would like. Stock up on several as Christmas gifts this year!

Painted "Tile" Backsplash

A few months ago, my husband and I bought our very first house. After 6 years of apartment-living during medical school, we love having a place of our own! We are so blessed to have a beautiful house that is close to the hospital, our church, and all the shopping and restaurants in town. And although our home is new and clean, a few of the finishes and wall color (a creamy yellow) just aren't our taste. So my challenge is finding the balance of making our home the way we want it without breaking the bank.

So far I have painted the dining room, kitchen, powder room, upstairs hallway, bedrooms, and guest bathroom. While my dad is here for Thanksgiving, we're planning to tackle the painting of our two-story living room walls.

One of my favorite projects was working on a backsplash for our kitchen. We have nice dark wood cabinets and a dark laminate countertop (not my favorite, but it has to stay for now). After repainting the walls a light gray (to match the foyer, hallways, and living room), I realized that the kitchen still needed a little something more. I am in love with long glass tile backsplashes but that is not in the budget right now. So I decided to paint a "tile" backsplash. I figured if I hated it, I would just paint over it again - no harm done.

Here's a picture of the kitchen that we took before we moved in:

After a little research, I headed out to the store to purchase some supplies. Another blogger had recommended using 1/4" whiteboard tape from Staples instead of purchasing the 1/4" grout tape. I'm glad I took that advice - it cost about 1/8 of the price of grout tape, and the slight stretchiness of the tape made it easy to get straight lines. I think I used about 6 rolls of the tape for the wall behind the stove, and the narrow wall above the sink (not visible in the above picture).

From there, I headed over to Michael's to buy some little bottles of acrylic paint. I decided on a metallic gray, a pearl white with a metallic finish, a charcoal gray, and a black (both matte finishes). After purchasing a few small foam brushes, we were ready to begin. The taping was relatively easy, once I figured out what width I wanted the tiles to be. I decided on long, horizontal "tiles". After taping the horizontal lines, I cut little pieces of tape and placed them vertically to make a random design.

The next morning I started painting and realized that each color needed two coats of paint to cover thoroughly. Fortunately, acrylic paint dries quickly. I also peeled the tape off as I went along (after the second coat) to keep it from peeling off the dry paint with it. Once everything was painted and dried, I applied a coat of Minwax Polycrylic Gloss to seal the paint and add a nice sheen to the backsplash. (A half-pint was more than enough and only cost $9 at Lowes.) Plus, it makes the backsplash washable with only soap and water.

I think I spent less than $30 on the entire project. And I could not be happier with the results! It was a low-cost way to add a little drama to the kitchen. Here is the finished result:

I look forward to sharing more of my DIY projects and house pictures with you over the next few months.

Custom Order

I have had so much fun this past week working on a custom order based on a hat that my little girl wore last fall. I love creating an item with a specific customer in mind. This hat is going all the way out to California for a sweet little baby's Christmas card photo shoot.

If you'd like to place a custom order, just head over to the Etsy shop and send me a message. I look forward to working on something special just for you!

Grand Opening

We're back! After a rather long blogging and crafting absence, I have spent the last few weeks revamping our facebook page and blog and creating an Etsy shop. Now that fall has officially arrived, it's the perfect time of year to start thinking about adding a cozy, hand knit accessory to your home or wardrobe. I hope you'll take a couple minutes to visit us on Etsy and view our new jewelry and baby collections. New items will be added throughout the next few months, so check back often for updates. And custom orders are always welcome!

I also plan to keep the facebook page updated as the main way of announcing new items or sales. This blog will be a way for me to share a little more about me as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the products I'm making.

Thanks for stopping by!